Myriam Thyes, Switzerland
Janus Head / Kiss: The Janus Head, a symbol of wisdom, recognizes past and future and analyzes opposits. It transforms itself into two heads kissing each other - a symbol of love, unity and harmony in the timeless present.

ELASTIC Group, Italy
"Home page sweet home page": A real virtual house in the world wide web!

Nikos Giavropoulos, Greece

reMi, Austria
The constant surrender to interrupted line interlacings (caused by failed calculations) and the remaining reality - codes comprising columns of figures or words apparently found coincidentally - give this symbiosis a symbolic character. the raging rythm of the geometry of renate oblaks video images and the furious fragments of sound in michael pinters music refuse to reproduce (or distort) the visible world; confronting us instead with their own intense, artificial and seemingly technoid realm.

Rita Stavraki, Greece
"Love Landscapes" is a short video clip, part of the exploration that I dolately on the topic of irony. The video clip uses opposite rhythms andmotions of single human gestures in order to present the compicated need of communication. The metaphorical images that are created engrave the path of love and passion.

Michael Sellam, France
The border between dream and reality is sometimes so complex for communication that an event must reformulate and enabled it to traverse the world. Traum is the story of a character in a movie theater.

The video refers to a netart project:

Nora Martirosyan, Armenia
The doorbell. Home for me is a particular functioning of social structures. "The doorbell" is a metaphor for it.

Ventsislav Zankov, Bulgaria
What home means... What my home means while we are in a permanent transitions . now we have to adopt the global values in a politically correct way. We are told this is the only way. Nobody mention what we have to lose in this transitions.which appears to be one-way street.

Jan Verbeek, Germany
Open Sky: Eine Wiese. Zwei Kinder bauen ein Haus. Aus dem offenen Himmel Licht und Geräusche. Die Kinder agieren wie Tänzer. Auf ihrer Terrasse erreichen sie schutzlos und glücklich das Ende der Welt.

TJADER-KNIGHT inc., Belgium
' Belgium is not to die for. We survived. '

Juanjo Fernandez Rivero, Spain
Bits (of Barcelona). The method used for the assembly to been the utilization of the own one original sound mounted as if about a musical piece it was treating. Generating digital mistakes in the apprehension and the postproduction, narrative without beginning not even end. Emphasizing this way the sensation of a chaotic and stressful city to her time that tourist and multicultural. BITS shows Barcelona as a city that grows to a dizzy speed. An unfinished work.

Anita Sarosi, Hungaria
...something with my inside home.

Judith Nothnagel, Germany
Phenomenon: Home means: meadows and humidity on my skin. In the video I use my typical alienation effect, the symbolic color blue. This leaves room for interpretations. Among other things an allusion to gene manipulation.

Joanna Rajkowska, Poland

Tanja Vujinovic and Zvonka Simcic, Slovenia
Homework is a video work created by our - Slovenian/Serbian tandem. Disjointed part of the body is orchestrating the symphony of hypnotic and annoying repetitive sounds of a sewing machine simultaneously metaphorically performing inscriptions on the body. Here we can find the Nietzschean notions of the eternal return mixed with the medical fetishism, wrapped up in a safe, home surrounding.

Ivar Smedstad, Norway
vortex_21: A decent into the maelstrom.

Anouk de Clerq, Belgium
This work unfolds a space where you can drop your guard: a comforting place built of shapes and sounds whispering: here never alone.

Selda Asal, Turkey
In "house of glass" , there are 10 different kind of human reactions of getting out/ or all these 10 films was acting the same girl........... so...I think this film gives the idea about many many different ways of (pchyological and sociological ) about Turkey.

Ella Constantinescu, Netherlands
'The content of work is personal and represents a state of soul and mind at a specific time and space in the ever changing stream of experiences. The 'One Piece Always Missing' in contrast with Today 'Euphoria', parallels the layer of reality with the layer of dream, where home is one of the high up in the sky dreams.'

Steve Hawley, Great Britain
In Similar To Nothing at a man and a woman seem to be having problems in their home. They attack each other; she cries. All this is given a restless, scratchy quality by the jerkiness of the image, and the video inhabits a middle space between bizarre dance and domestic tragedy.

Hercli Bundi, Switzerland
Il / The Manimàl is a study about a man in the bath. Composed with only a few seconds of real action, the tape focuses on the mans body, the water, his erotic play with a handle. Thereby the video gives an entire image of the protagonist and his desires.

Csongor Gaspar, Romania
"A quiet Transylvanian village"

Javor Gardev & Kalin Nikolov, Bulgaria
This video was shot near a fishermen¹s village (Shabla) in North-East of Bulgaria. It features a Russian river ship of the type "Volgo-Balt² sunken and abandoned in the Black Sea on the Bulgarian coast line. This image revealed to me as a visual metaphor both for the geopolitical and the spiritual condition of Bulgaria today ­ rusty, somehow desperate, abandoned by its own people. Still beautiful though.

Gair Dunlop, Scottland
The piece is called 3 mornings, it's a simple reverie on different states of waking and the lives woken to. It might also reflect on the limits of the traditional idea of home to encompass the diversity of life in a modern city...

Lilia Perez Romero, Spain
Epiphora (Tearing problems.) This video talks about home through one of the main aspects that, in my opinion, define this concept: the notion of heritage. In this sense, the video recalls the Spanish tendency towards the mystique and the dramatic which has been transmited to the Latinamerican cultures.

Robert Lisek, Poland

Lakis & Aris Ionas, Greece
In the video "Beware of the Dogs", lakis and Aris imitate the dogs.
- The most hospitable guards of "our House"-

ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research: A. Ladaga & S. Manteiga, Italy-Spain
Nature Requiem: Finisterre, Galicia 2002: My land is now a waste sea: the end of the end of the world.
(In memoriam of the dark tide: never more)

Bernd Oppl, Austria
In my video "aesthetics of disappearance" I try to celebrate the disappearance of images (in allusion to Virilio) in movies at the absolute point of death the moment of switching off the equipment.

Gregory Chatonsky, France
"Topology of a translation" is a text generator (inspired by the Robbe-Grillet's work) wired with 3 real-time webcams in New-York, Paris and Berlin. What's the link between the space of the translation and the space of the cities. An homage to Muntadas "On Translation".